Advanced Nosework - 

Dogs must be on all three odors, have  experience with interiors, exterior and vehicles, and blind hides both indoors and outdoors. The focus for the class will be on handler skills, technique, and increased difficulty of hides. This class is especially suited for teams intending to compete at Nosework trials.

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 classes are HELD in pLEASANTON and Danville, with Field Trips in the surrounding area

Introduction to Odor - 

A second six week foundation class that introduces the first odor used in K9 Nosework.  The searches expand in difficulty, and to other location; rooms, and outdoors.  Handlers and dogs sharpen their skills in observation and in conducting a productive search. Both six week foundation classes are critical to the building of a strong handler/dog team

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Continuing Nosework

This class advances the handler's techniques and introduces the elements used in trial (vehicles, exteriors, interiors, and containers), though competition is not the goal or  a requirement, Nosework continues to be a game for you and your dog.  The second and third odors are also introduced, but not at the same time. The curriculum progression is dependent on the skill level and experience of the class.

Ongoing class-open to handlers and dogs

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‚ÄčIntro to Nosework -

Let's get the fun started!!

Six week class that introduces the concept of the searching game, builds handler observation skills and timing, and gets the dogs focused.  We work on building foundation skills to help the handler read the dog and to build the dog's intensity for the hunting game.  


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**New 'Intro to Nosework' class starting April 2019**

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